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Autumn Term 1: All About Me

This half term will be spent getting to know the children and helping them to understand nursery routines. Through exploring the texts below opportunities will be provided for children to learn more about themselves by examining who is in their family, what their favourite foods are, who helps them at nursery, at home and outside of the home.


Autumn Term 2: Homes and Celebrations

The books below will be used this half term as a basis for exploring where children live and the celebrations that are important to them.

autumn-2-book-1 autumn-2-book-2


Spring Term 1: Transport

The books below will be used as a basis for children to explore different types of transport and how people travel.  Children will design their own boats and create their own cars. 

nursery-spring-1 nursery-spring-3
nursery-spring-4 nursery-spring-2


Spring Term 2: Animals

This half term the texts below will be used as a basis for learning about the different types of animals.  The children will explore the differences between animals including what they eat and where they live.   


Summer Term 1: Growing

The books below will be used as a basis to explore the topic of Growing.  Children will have the opportunity to plant and compare different seeds, discuss changes that have happened to them since they were born and watch some special arrivals grow.

Summer Term 2: Traditional Tales

This half term we will continue to explore and develop the children’s own interests as well as provide opportunities to learn about different materials through exploring the following texts: