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Curriculum information for Parents

 Autumn Term  2   2017

We hope that you find the following information helpful.  Our aim is to work in closer partnership with parents so that every child in our school realises his/her full potential.  Parents may wish to visit the library with their child or access the internet to research topics, which are taught in the classroom, and so support learning.  Please also visit our website for regular updates about news and events taking place:

Maths: counting, writing and recognising numbers to 20. naming and describing 2.D and 3.D shapes.

English: begin using the sounds they have learnt in their writing.  Taking an interest in books, looking at the pictures and retelling what is happening. Begin to ask questions about things that interest them.

Understanding of the World: recognising significant festivals and events in their life.  Talking about how their families celebrate special events. Begin to show an interest in computers and trying to complete a simple programme.

PSED: begin to play in a group and take turns. Take part in role play situations as well as demonstrate friendly behaviour towards others in and around the school.

Creative: begin to explore how sounds can be changed and play a variety of musical instruments.  Explore colours and begin to use them with a particular object in mind.

Physical Development. Begin to use tools effectively and correctly.  Trace vertical, clockwise and anticlockwise movements.  Form recognisable letters and how to dress and undress for P.E without support.



Reception have PE on Mondays and Thursdays . 


Please ensure that they bring the correct change of clothes for these days.

We would like all of our children to wear school uniform.