Crystal Palace Fanfest

A special treat was had by 30 Year 4 children on Thursday 30th June, as they attended the annual Crystal Palace Fanfest with over 3000 children in attendance from all over London.

The day was filled with unique sporting opportunities which the children welcomed with gleaming smiles and furious determination. Firstly, the children were able to show off their boxing skills under the instruction of a skilled coach, practising their quick one-twos.

Next, the children were exposed to a full on, exhausting (although very enjoyable) Zumba session in the dance studio which was an amazing success with all the class. Lastly, we had the opportunity to have fun with ‘Mr Slider’ the dry surfing session where the children raced in a variety of comical ways. High fives, wide smiles and proud faces occupied the journey home.

Well done Year 4!

crystal-palace-1 crystal-palace-2