Bike Riding Spectacular

When I started the bike riding course, I quickly learnt how to steady myself on the bike. This is incredibly important if I am to eventually ride on the road, with the possibility of cars either side of me. But, riding a bike is just the start, we also learnt how to effectively signal to other vehicles coming our way if we were about to turn left or right. This is vital to mine and others people’s safety to avoid crashing or colliding. Finally, we were also shown the correct way to look in front and behind without falling off the bike and injuring ourselves. I am extremely happy that I have received the bike training at Southern Road Primary School as I now much more aware of my surroundings when riding a bike in the street.

Thanks to the bike riding team that assisted me and many others on the day!
By Tomiwa Adeloye (Year 3)

bike-riding-spectacular bike-riding-spectacular2