The Brilliant Club Graduation!

Early, 8:00am on Friday 3rd February, 12 very proud, excited and slightly tired pupils gathered outside Southern Road Primary School.

The reason for this early start was something monumental and well worth the loss of sleep.

The 12 pupils were about to board a mini bus and set off for ‘Jesus College, Cambridge’ to participate in a graduation ceremony.

Accompanied by Ms Bobat and Mr Crompton the 12 pupils were about to celebrate their successful completion of ‘The Brilliant Club’ programme.

Along with 3 other schools from across London our ‘brilliant’ pupils participated in a ‘graduation’ ceremony – just like real university students!

In a cosy auditorium, with speeches given by the programme organizers, our intrepid group were called out one at a time and handed a certificate recording the fact that they had ‘PASSED’. It was an amazing scene and very inspiring, but don’t take my word for it. Let’s hear what some of our pupils thought of this memorable occasion:


“The best part of the visit was the ‘graduation’. People and fellow children clapped us on, it filled me with pride. I would love to go again.”

Amiyan, Year 6


“We left on our journey at around 8:00am, on a mini bus. We were welcomed in a small hall. After the welcome speech we set off on an excellent tour of the college. We then had lunch and a study session. But my favourite part was the actual graduation. Each school and child were called out separately and given certificates. I loved it, especially because everyone succeeded in their goal. I really loved being part of the Brilliant Club. I wish I could do it again.”

Zaina, Year 5


“My favourite part of the Brilliant Club visit was when we had a tour around the beautiful campus of Jesus College, Cambridge. It was a wonderful experience. We asked under-graduates lots of questions which we were curious about. It was also a wonderful journey back. The graduation ceremony was great!”

Timi, Year 6


“My favourite moment was when we got to go on a tour of the entire college. This was because the buildings were amazing shapes, colours and designs. Also there were many rooms which are different from a ‘normal’ school. These included a games room, a party room and much, much more. I would love to go again, it was amazing!”

Hinal, Year 5


“Today we had an amazing visit! We went to Jesus College, Cambridge for our graduation ceremony. We had an amazing tour around the campus and the university. Then a delicious lunch, after which we had a mini seminar. Then it was our graduation ceremony. We took some photographs and then travelled back home. It was the most memorable of days.”

Katelyn, Year 6


“When we arrived in Cambridge we had a walk around the city and took photos in front of four colleges (Kings College and Trinity College being two of them) before we even got to Jesus College! This is where we had our study skills session and our graduation ceremony. The best part was the walk around Cambridge. Finally we got on the mini bus and I stared to sing!”

Fahim, Year 5


I think it is extremely evident from the comments above that all the pupils have not only had an amazing time, but have also gained a real insight into what a university is, how it functions and the many advantages that attending one brings.

It will not be until October that the whole cycle begins again. I for one cannot wait. And remember, next time it could be YOU!


Mr Crompton