Champion Olympian Visits Southern Road with ‘Make a Splash’

Double commonwealth champion James Goddard visited the school on the 3rd March.

James began his visit with a whole school assembly which had a strong focus on commitment, perseverance and resilience.

Kitted out in his full team GB outfit, James engaged in discussion with lots of curious children in the hall, sharing stories of his hopes and dreams as a child which resulted in great success as an adult.

James proudly brandished his winning gold medals to a gasping crowd of children and kindly allowed a few children to wear his medals and GB fleece.

The children were enthralled from start to finish and left with an added love of swimming and valued the importance of commitment in all walks of life not just in sport.

After the energetic assembly, 20 selected children were treated to a very special swimming lesson in our very own pool by James himself. Children from various year groups competed in swimming races and relays using their ability in front crawl, backstroke, butterfly and underwater. They pushed themselves to the limit in each race and proved just how beneficial the pool has been for our children, with James and the instructors commenting on how well the children have improved in such a short period of time.

James finished the day with autograph signing and a whole bunch of tired but elated children and he left the school with a broad smile.

‘’Thank you so much for inviting me to Southern Road Primary, I had a great time and the school had the most enthusiastic children out of all the schools I’ve visited.’’

A wonderful comment to end a wonderful afternoon.