Culturally Inclusive Week


Our children have enjoyed exploring British life at the start of this term with performances and a host of activities in class under the theme of “Who Do You Think We Are?”

The week began with David Wilde Professor of Punch and Judy visiting Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

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The Reception and KS1 children were treated to a Punch and Judy show. They loved meeting all the characters including Mr Punch, Judy, and their baby. The crocodile was especially scary!

David Wilde treated children in Year 2 to an original collection of very old puppets.
He also showed them how the puppets worked behind the scenes. In class the children
retold the story in their own words using photographs taken during the show.

Year 1 also enjoyed learning about landmarks in London such as the Tower of London,
Big Ben and Buckingham Palace. They found out facts about Queen Elizabeth and
created a collage to show all that they learnt. The delicious pictures of British food were
splashed across the collages.

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Year 2 learned about the Queen and the Royal Family. They began by talking about
people in their own families and drawing pictures of mums, dads, sisters, brothers,
aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents. Then the children found out about the
connections between the different members of the Royal Family.
2GG, 2MF and 2TB created family trees connecting the Queen to her children, grand
children and great grand children.

The children finished their week’s learning with a tea party. Year 2 designed and made
their own crowns and then munched on traditional sandwiches and biscuits. Year 1
drank tea from tea pots! How very posh they all looked! What lovely manners were
shown by the children as they said please and thank you.

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Nicola Brookstein of Caboodle Theatre Company commented on how much she enjoyed delivering workshops to our wonderful children. She was especially impressed with the children’s willingness to participate in discussions about fairness, equality and diversity.
“Both Anna and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! Your pupils responded really well to both the performances and workshops.” They commented on how welcoming our school is and asked to come back here! Now that’s impressive and something we are very proud of.
KS2 watched a wonderful theatre performance about the legend Robin Hood and a girl called Ali. Ali learned about how law and order was established in England through the ages as far back as in the time of the signing of the Magna Carta.

The performance was followed up by workshops with all the classes over two days and the children participated wholeheartedly by joining in drama games followed by discussions and debates on equality and fairness. The teachers taught fantastic lessons about Guy Fawkes, Fireworks Safety, designing shields and Robin Hood.

Year 3 children produced wanted posters about Robin Hood and discussed whether he was helpful to the poor or a hindrance? What is your opinion? Year 4 explored the impact of Guy Fawkes and Year 5 and 6 discussed and debated equality and fairness. Year 6 linked some of their work to the topic of Greeks.

Look at our gallery of work and photographs. They show how hard the children at
Southern Road Primary work. We are very proud of them.

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