England v New Zealand at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

On Saturday 7th November, some year 2, 3 and 6 pupils went to the Olympic stadium to watch England vs New Zealand. They were also joined by Alvin the Cuddler, who is 6RP’s Class Mascot.

When we got there we went to the rugby fair and it was absolutely amazing! There was one ride where two people are strapped to the end of the same rope. Each person was given a rugby ball, both children would then use their strength with the winner being the first to score a try. There was also the Cyclone, two children (either team black or team white) and the competition to collect as many balls of your teams colour was on! The tube lived up to its name by swirling the balls all around your body at an intense pace, with Naomi winning an England scarf for her efforts. We could even get our face painted (for free of course) either as England or New Zealand, I chose New Zealand to Mr Permaul’s disappointment.

In the end New Zealand won 9 to England’s 2. Although, they weren’t the only winners of the day, lucky Sohail managed to win the match ball from a prize draw! This was the actual ball used by the professionals on the pitch. In the end, it was truly an amazing day that everyone thoroughly enjoyed.