At Southern Road Primary, our teachers and pupils are passionate about history. They are curious about the past and keen to understand how and why events occurred. As a school, we believe that high-quality history lessons encourage skills of asking questions, critical thinking, weighing evidence, sifting arguments, and develop perspective and judgement.

In every year group, pupils experience a rich and relevant curriculum, not just gaining knowledge of Britain’s past, and our place in the world, but helping them to understand the challenges of our own time.

History topics are taught throughout the school as part of our Creative Curriculum.  Wherever possible, links are made between subjects in projects with overarching themes to contextualize and motivate learners. The learning outcomes of each lesson draw from knowledge and skills included in the National Curriculum.

Out of classroom learning is essential and varied class trips happen in every year. Visits include: The British Museum, The Natural History Museum, The V&A, The Museum of London, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Museum of Childhood… the number and variety increase every year!

Additionally, specialist theatre groups and actors-in-role lead thoroughly enjoyable workshops.

We also offer a lunchtime History club for children who want to further enrich their History knowledge.

History comes alive in any way that we can make it happen. It is a hugely popular subject with many pupils extending their learning through projects at home.


To further ensure we cover the National Curriculum we map out key curriculum topics across the year groups:

History curriculum overview