Edible Garden


With the new addition of our Edible Garden, we have a vibrant outdoor space that excites and teaches children about growing and eating healthy food. The Edible Garden is a unique asset to our school, demonstrating our commitment to teaching, going beyond the traditional subjects and instilling healthy habits for life.

With the help of Tree for Cities* we have made a tremendous start with our new outdoor space, selling the produce to parents and incorporating it within our school dinners. The fire pit has been used to tell stories linked to our English lessons, bringing imagination to life and the natural scenery has been great to sketch within art lessons.

Recently, we have engaged with the Woodland Trust, the UK’s largest woodland conservation charity and planted 30 saplings in the KS1 playground area. These saplings will eventually become hazel and elderberry trees which the community can enjoy.


Food for thought


  • 33% of UK primary school pupils believe pasta is made from meat and that cheese comes from plants*
  • 10% believe potatoes grow on trees*
  • 25% think fish fingers come from chicken or pigs*
  • Public Health England estimate that 28% of children between two and fifteen years old are obese
  • Diet related illnesses cost the NHS £10 billion every year
  • Edible Playgrounds are a fun, practical way to teach children about the food they eat and give them access to fresh, nutritious food.


*British Nutrition Foundation 2013

* https://www.treesforcities.org/