Wrap-Around Childcare

At Southern Road Primary School, we offer on-site breakfast and after-school clubs, we support busy working parents while extending social and learning opportunities for your pupils. Our dedicated, qualified supervision staff ensure the children have the best possible experience and enjoy the various activities and games on offer.


Southern Road Primary School offers free breakfast and after-school clubs to working parents when their child is in Reception. 


Good quality wraparound childcare has a positive impact on children’s outcomes.  Research by NatCen shows that participating in organised sports and joining after school clubs can help to improve primary school children’s academic performance and social skills.

Among disadvantaged children, those who attended after school clubs fared better than their peers who did not take part in such groups. They achieved on average, a 2 point higher total score in their KS2 assessments in English, maths and science at the end of primary school.

Research also shows that children who participated in organised sports and physical activities at any time during primary school had better social, emotional and behavioural skills than those who did not take part. The findings took into account background factors such as child gender, ethnicity, age and family structure, as well as parental income and occupational class. (Out of school activities during primary school and KS2 attainment; Jenny Chanfreau et al. Centre for Longitudinal Studies Working paper 2016/1 http://www.natcen.ac.uk/news-media/pressreleases/2016/april/out-of-school-activities-improve-children%e2%80%99s-educational-attainment,-studyreveals/)



After-school clubs (Smart Club)

Club operates term time only, Monday to Friday (closed on school INSET days & Bank Holidays).

Typical timing: End of school day  to 5.15pm


Price: £6 per day (Discount for siblings).  Free for working parents when their child is in Reception. 


Our SMART clubs are designed to function as a ‘pause point’ that concludes the school day. Sessions vary daily and include a healthy  snack and range of indoor/outdoor activities as well as ‘quiet time’ when children can do homework or read if they wish. We encourage all children to participate in some physical activity. These activities are inclusive and aim to keep them active through play. This improves social skills, self-esteem, balance, coordination, and wellbeing.


Breakfast clubs

Breakfast club operates term time only, Monday to Friday (closed on school INSET days & Bank Holidays).

Typical timing: 07.30– 08.50


Price: £3 per day.  Free for working parents when their child is in Reception. 


Evidence shows that a dose of physical activity before school helps to engage children’s minds and prepare them for the day ahead. Our breakfast clubs offer mentally and physically stimulating activities which sharpen and focus the mind while waking up the body.

All breakfast clubs include a healthy and nutritious breakfast, including food that is low in added sugar and rich in proteins and fibre, helping to extend attention span, concentration, and memory. Research has shown that children who have a healthy breakfast achieve more at school – make sure your child doesn’t miss out!


To register for wrap around childcare please email the school info@southernroadprimary.com