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Spring 1

Topic: Growing


This half term our topic is ‘Growing’ below are some of the core books we will be focusing on during the next 6 weeks


The Early Years Framework consists of 7 learning areas which are:

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED)

  • Communication and Language (CLL)

  • Physical Development (PD)

  • Literacy

  • Mathematical Development

  • Understanding of the World (UW)

  • Expressive Arts and Design (EAD)

Below is a brief explanation of what your child will be learning in each of the 7 areas and how you can help them at home.


This half term children will be learning to demonstrate friendly behaviour towards other adults and peers, carry out lots of first hand role play based on the books they are reading. Children will also learn how to demonstrate appropriate rules and boundaries in their setting.


In this area children will learn how to listen to one another in small group situations.  They will also learn to show an understanding of prepositions such as ‘under, on top, and behind’.  Children will be encouraged to talk in simple sentences to other adults. 


In this area children will learn how to mount stairs confidently as well as move freely in different ways such as slithering, rolling, sliding, crawling and walking.  Children will learn about what happens to the body when they carry out any form of exercise. They will also learn how to handle different equipment appropriately and safely.


In this area children will learn how to enjoy and take part in some rhyming activities.  They will be encouraged to join in stories and poems.  This half term there will be an emphasis on children making marks and talking about what they have written.


Children will learn how to count to 10 and identify how many objects in a group.  They will be learning about different shapes in the environment, they will learn their names and how to simply describe them.   


Children will learn about significant events in their lives and recognise different events that take place with family and friends.  They will learn about objects found in their local environment. They will also learn how to investigate simple technological toys. Children will learn about how different plants and animals grow and simple lifecycles.


Children will learn to tap out some simple repeated rhymes.  They will also learn to explore how sounds can be changed, as well as explore how colours can be changed.  


Please encourage your child to say ‘Good morning /afternoon’ when they are greeted at the front gate and to say goodbye when they leave.  It is important that your child feels confident to talk to all adults around the Nursery.


It is very important that your child attends nursery every day, if they are unable to attend due to an appointment, please ensure that you let us know.

Keeping Safe

Please ensure that when you come out of the nursery building, you hold your child’s hand.  This will avoid children running out of the gate on their own down the street or into the road.

Parent’s contribution

If your child does a piece of work or says something amazing at home, please can you share this with the class teacher. You can even give us some writing, photos or anything that your child does at home. Please encourage your child to be as independent as possible, e.g.: putting their coats on themselves, trying to dress themselves, putting on and taking off their coats independently

Can you please also label all of your child’s clothing and bring in a spare pair of clothes.  Thank You

We are trying to raise money to make our outdoor play area look more fresh and colourful, if any parents have any ideas on how we could fund raise we would like you to have a chat with one of the nursery staff

Some Rhymes to sing with your children.