Meet Our SEN Team



The Southern Road Primary School Offer

Interventions and resources in place to address SEND needs

  Communication and Interaction Needs Social, mental and emotional health

Cognition and Learning

Sensory and/or physical

Early Years Box CleverPrivate Speech & Language therapist (Tuesdays) Jigsaw PSHE

Place2Be – Place2Talk & 1:1 counselling

Key Stage 1 NHS Speech & Language programmes(1:1 & groups)
Private Speech & Language therapist (Tuesdays)
Attention Autism
Intensive Interaction
Shopping/Food Groups
Movement & Turn Taking Group
Individualised learning programmes
Colourful Semantics
Sensory Room
Rainbow Class
Magic Carpet
Big Play (gross motor)
Music Group
Food Group
Occupational Therapy programmes
Key stage 2 Headstart  Champions
Headstart – Bounceback (Year 6)

Place2Be – Place2Talk & 1:1 counselling
Jigsaw PSHE

Wave 3 literacy programmes (1:1 & groups)
Colourful Semantics
Turnabout (memory)