Southern Road Curriculum







Experiences, Exposure, Expression and a Suitcase for Life

Our Mission Statement:

At Southern Road Primary School pupils will have the unique opportunity to experience an enjoyable curriculum that is engaging, challenging and tailored to their needs. Our curriculum will develop the pupils’ skills, knowledge, creativity, curiosity and foster a lifelong love of learning.  When pupils leave Southern Road Primary School they will be well rounded, resilient individuals who have aspiration and the necessary attributes to fulfil their potential.

Our Intentions:

In addition to raising standards and accelerating progress the school’s   curriculum will help to address the diverse needs of children growing up within the locality.  Through the focussed and rich learning experiences pupils are exposed to they will develop an understanding of the different cultures in their community and a love and admiration of high quality literature. There will be opportunities to communicate and express themselves through the spoken and written word, the arts and an understanding of local heritage. By the time they leave the school they will have built up a suitcase of skills, qualities, knowledge and wisdom that they can carry through life.

Our Implementation Strategies:

All subjects at Southern Road will be taught with equal rigour to ensure the development of the appropriate skills, knowledge and understanding. Passionate, enthusiastic and often imaginative teachers will use a blend of teaching styles that will ensure learning is both deep and long lasting. The children’s never ending curiosity and eagerness to know or learn about something will be clearly tangible. The learning environments will offer stability, consistency and positivity.

Children will become ‘well rounded’ through a focus on personal learning and skills which will make them creative thinkers, independent enquirers, reflective learners, team workers and self- managers. With these skills in place the children will have the resilience to continually rise up to challenges despite setbacks. They will also have the creativity to use their prior learning to solve problems and develop new and unusual ideas in order to make something new or imaginative.

There will be regular monitoring and evaluation of the above implementation strategies. This will incorporate the analysis of assessment data, work scrutiny, learning walks and pupil interviews. To support the implementation strategies a strong network of middle leaders and assessment structures will be in place.

The Impact of our work:

The pupils will make good progress from their starting points in all National Curriculum subjects. Additionally, the children will demonstrate that they are equipped for the future stages of learning. Children will have become schooled in the important skills and knowledge of the National Curriculum subjects and this will provide them with a disciplined mind. The pupils will also be able to see the links between the subjects because they have developed a synthesising mind. When learners demonstrate their ability to ask new questions and find imaginative answers it will reflect their creative mind. The children’s understanding and empathy for different people and cultures will show that they have a respectful mind. Finally, they will have an ethical mind that equips them to behave responsible as they pass through life.

Organisation of the Curriculum

Pupils are organised into year groups with three classes in each year group. No class exceeds 30 pupils. Every class in Key Stage 1 (years one and two) and the Foundation Stage (Nursery and Reception) are provided with a Teaching Assistant to support learning. Every year group in Key Stage 2 (years three, four, five, six) has a Teaching Assistant. We also have additional teaching staff who work in partnership with year groups, to support those with English as an additional language.

Children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 follow the National Curriculum and are taught Mathematics and English every morning. In the afternoons we teach subjects included in the National Curriculum through a ‘Creative Curriculum’ approach, whereby opportunities for linking subjects and skills are identified and planned to enhance children’s learning. The subjects covered include: Science, Design Technology, Computing, Personal, Social, Emotional Development (PSED), History, Geography, Music, Physical Education (PE) and Art. We follow Newham’s Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education and Spanish is taught to pupils across Key Stage Two by our specialist teacher Ms Martinez.  

Children in the Foundation Stage follow the areas of learning set out in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. This includes the 3 prime areas which are: Communication and Language (CL), Physical Development (PD) and Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED).
And the 4 specific areas which are: Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the world (UW) and Expressive Arts and Design (EAD).

The curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of all children and those who have a specific learning need are supported by our Learning Support Assistants.

Southern Road Curriculum Map 2020-21