Remote Learning

We are committed to ensuring that all pupils receive the best possible education under the current circumstances. 

Teachers will be setting daily work for pupils to complete each day from Monday 23rd March. This will include some online work as well as projects and work to do offline. It is expected that all pupils will complete approximately four hours worth of school work each day, including reading for enjoyment and other offline activities. 

Teachers will check in periodically that pupils have completed the work but will not remain online for the whole day. Work will normally be set by 10am. Pupils should expect one literacy, one maths and one afternoon subject activity for each day. Teachers will be checking that pupils are accessing the work and will follow up with a phonecall if pupils are not accessing the work for any reason. 

Remote Learning Offer Letter

Southern Road Online Classroom Website

Other useful websites for parents

Audible have released free audiobooks for pupils while school closures are ongoing:

Joe Wicks will be holding PE lessons at 9am from Monday morning on his Youtube channel

Newham Libraries offer access to free e-books and audiobooks with a library card

Handwriting practice on letterjoin (Username: ak6390 Password: home )

Access to some e-books:

Access for parents to reading resources and other materials – parents will need to sign up to this.

DIfferent activities for different age groups – new website with resources still being added

Maths Games: 

Practice your typing:

A new drawing to try each day!

Research – Britannica online encyclopedia – access online with your library card

Research – child friendly search engine which gathers search results from children’s websites.


During the school closure period, we will continue to work together to ensure our children remain safe and supported by the school and local services. Please see documents below with key contact details of school and local support services. 

If you have any concerns about any young person during the school closure period, please complete a referral to Newham Social Services via MASH online or call 020 3373 4600.