Breakfast Club


We are delighted to tell you that our Magic Breakfast provision will continue until December 2020. 

Every morning, bagels will be available to all children in every classroom, free of charge. Please make sure your child arrives at school for this time to not miss out.

Our bagels are specifically made to be “child friendly” and are low in sugar and low in salt.




Our  Breakfast Club is also available for KS2  from  7.30am   every day where the children can tuck in to a healthy breakfast, enjoy a variety of fun activities including arts and crafts, books and reading, and sports and exercise, and then go on to their classroom, ready to learn by  8.50am.  The cost of this fun morning activity is £3.00  per session. 


Research has shown that children who have a healthy breakfast

achieve more at school – make sure your child doesn’t miss out!