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Festivals and Celebrations. Party Hats


In Reception we have been getting ready for the ‘Festivals and Celebrations’ topic.  Here you can see children making party hats.


Changing leaves in Autumn

In Reception this term we have been looking at the changing leaves in Autumn.  Pupils experimented with using the leaves to make silhouettes by sponging paint around.  They also added their own Autumn leaves to bare trees, using tissue paper or painting with their fingers.  They also created some observational drawings of leaves they found, looking carefully at the detail and texture.






Gingerbread house

In Year 1 we have been looking at the story of Hansel and Gretel, specifically at the delicious gingerbread house they find in the forest.  We designed our own gingerbread houses, even made some out of cardboard and a range of materials.  They look good enough to eat!









I am’ portraits 


In year 3 it was ‘All about me’.  After talking about our own interests, skills and personality we then created a mixed media self-portrait. 



Year 3 – Painting to music

In year 3 the pupils experimented with paint:  Their brushes responded to music that was being played.  These abstract paintings will be used in a mixed-media piece.






Islamic Art

In Year 4 we were inspired by the Ardabil carpet exhibited in the V&A.  From that we have created Islamic tiles made from polystyrene tiles and colouring in A3 paper with oil pastels.  With only black ink we then printed onto the coloured paper using our poly tiles. 





       Visit the Royal Academy of Arts

4AS went to the Royal Academy of Arts to visit the Jasper Johns exhibition.  After seeing his work they all took part in a work shop using stencils in their work, much like Johns did.  Back at school they created a collagraph-style collage after looking at his work closely using view finders.



Lino printing 

With ‘Autumn leaves’ as our inspiration we created lino prints, using Autumnal colours.  Using lino cutters we attempted 3 layers, using yellow, orange and then red.        








Year 6 self portraits

In Year 6 we ended this half term by completing a pencil drawing self-portrait.  We had to think about the proportions of a face, and ensure shading and detail was included to create a realistic face.  Do you recognise us?