Physical Education

At Southern Road Primary school , our vision for Physical Education is that every child should have the opportunity to be physically active. We want our children to strive for success individually and competitively across a broad range of sporting topics. We also believe that every child should be allowed to become physically competent, extending their choices to decide which activities to continue in later years.

We aim to provide our children with a fantastically diverse range of sporting activities and opportunities throughout their time at Southern Road Primary, with a strong focus on skill development and progression, social interaction, individual targets and competition in and out of the school.

It is important that children learn to lead and become involved in different areas of sport such as being a referee or rule maker. This allows our children to respect the rules and values of the sport they are participating in and enhances their leading, communication and teamwork skills as they progress through each year group. 

As a school we work incredibly closely with Newham Sports Partnership to provide our staff and children with high quality training, lessons and inter-school events and competition. Additionally, we provide regular whole school events such as cross countries and sports days across the academic year.

We hope these opportunities help develop our children into well rounded, motivated and resilient young sporting stars of the future.

PE Premium report 20-21